About Us


ChefLocated prominently at the junction of Aljunied Road & Sims Avenue, right in the heart of the vibrant Geylang district of Singapore, Fansida Wine & Dine has within a short span of time earned accolades for its sumptuous array of food and wine and, most importantly, the impeccable service of its staff. Our Chefs have a wealth of valuable industry experience from high profile establishments as well as inborn talent for creating delicious cuisine which will delight your palate.

Sophisticated and mid-scale, Fansida Wine & Dine is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a hard day or week at work, particularly for the young executives who reside in this up and coming residential area. The wood and glass folding doors surrounding the restaurant provide an uninhibited view of the surrounding picturesque garden landscape - a peaceful oasis amidst the bustling sidewalks and shop houses. The honey-coloured walls of the restaurant and the European-style wooden furniture immediately put guests at ease and the warm and homey ambience of the restaurant is at perfect complements with the menu, which contains comforting classic and traditional European cuisine. With a boutique selection of quality wine, the dining experience at Fansida Wine & Dine is a superb one, whether it is a romantic and whimsical dinner for two or a lively and animated group dinner.

The specialities at Fansida Wine & Dine include the Angus Tenderloin Beef, Lamb Chop and Oxtail Stew. The food connoisseurs will be delighted by the authentic flavours of the classic and traditional European cuisine and every dish is prepared with the same meticulous care, from the choice of quality ingredients to the precise methods of preparation.

At Fansida Wine & Dine, we believe that dining is a holistic experience that requires not just great food and wine but also great service and ambience. Each of us at Fansida aims to deliver the highest levels of service and to ensure exceptional unparalleled dining experiences for our guests.